1929 Ford Model A “Woody”

$18,500.00 $15,900.00

LOCATION: Indiana  

There’s no better pre-war head turner than a woody. But while it usually cost a small fortune for the distinction of real lumber, this 1929 Ford Model A is going to make one person quite happy for quite a nice price. Will it be you?



A good Model A Ford is always a welcomed site wherever it goes, because it fills us all with the same nostalgia as warm apple pie. So when you can get it in quality wood body, it’s as much a symbol of old-style comfort as an FDR fireside chat. More than just the real wood body, this is a full coordinated package that is quite nice. The red lacquer used for the cowl and wire wheels are great standout pieces against the wood. The result is a very complete package that looks like you paid double the price.



Open the door to more craftsman-level lumber. And you’ll continue to marvel for years at all the different joints that come together to make this unique body. But more than just the wood, the fresh black bench seat, reed door panels, and custom dash, come together to give you a great coordinating appearance with the exterior. This woody can give you the same wind-in-you-hair experience as a hardtop muscle car. Well, not exactly… after all, no muscle machine can give you that tingle of nostalgia like a Model A can from the moment you grab the large steering wheel and feel the generations of drivers that have come before you.



The engine has been under good maintenance. The torquey 350 Chevy v8 engine setting on a 32 chassis, is great for parade routes and can keep up with traffic around town. The 350 automatic transmission with a shift kit shifts cleanly and the 4 wheel- power disc brakes are effective for a vehicle with modest performance and light weight. In total, this 85+ year-old is still a fun runabout.



This is the distinctive classic pre-war Ford that you’ve always wanted, and it’s never been more affordable than now. Don’t miss!

Runs and drives great! 350 Chevy v8. 350 transmission with shift kit. 4 wheel power disc brakes. 

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